Team Talk

Committing to SDR program

Investing in an SDR team?

We’re not just recruiters. We can empathize and sympathize because we’re just like you. We have served in the roles of SDR Managers, SDR Directors, reps, and because we have served in these roles, we never make assumptions.

Instead, we seek to understand the importance of your unique priorities, urgencies, and expectations.



Job Interview

Defining your ideal candidate

Only want the best SDR talent?

In business, finding talent is a never-ending search. We provide that talent when your organization goes through growth, restructuring, and change in business strategy. Our mission is to bring the talent that drives that growth and change.

What we determine is; Can the person do the job? Has the person done the job? Will the person do the job? 

Customer Service Rep

Selecting future Champions

Ready to recruit your SDR now?

We have a signature and proven process. We collaborate with leadership to understand the needs and create a strategy, hiring process, and SDR profile that will allow them to hit the ground running.

You’ve posted. You’ve used your internal network. You’ve searched online.  You’re still stuck – and it’s a key pipeline creation position. That’s where Longbow Solutions comes in!