Peter Burr - Chief Marketing Officer, Forum Group

We engaged Jeremy to assess our existing lead development operation and specify, re-design, re-build and implement a lead development strategy to support our rapid growth as a company (BRW Fast 100) for 50+ B2B face-to-face sales executives across NSW, VIC and QLD in 90 days. 

In addition, Jeremy was tasked with recruiting the team and develop and implement a 3-month lead development consultant on-boarding program that would ensure the team was up to speed within 3-months. 

Jeremy developed a cross-business, cross-functional and cross-location project plan that involved all stakeholders within our business for MPS, IT Solutions, Fleet Solutions and Environmental Solutions. He was able to rapidly assess the existing capability and defined the business requirements delivering 2 proof of concept financial and projection models based in either QLD or NSW. 


We selected the NSW proof of concept which Jeremy followed through with a detailed communication plan involved all stakeholders along the design and implementation process. The deployment of this sales development capability has played a big part in our recent BRW Fast 100 award for rapid company growth. The team has been very successful in identifying new business opportunities utilising the lead-scoring model built to work in parallel with the Ideal Customer Profile for each division of the business. 

I would not hesitate in recommended Jeremy to help you develop your sales development strategy, lead management process and structuring the design and build of the team.